From Maiden to Maturity
Online Event

Wednesday 26 August 2020

In this Live Masterclass, Michelle will explain how to navigate the transformation from Maiden to Maturity.

🦋 Feminine Maturity is the pathway to freedom. It brings with it a deep letting go of our people-pleasing habits, and all the places where we say ‘Yes’, when we actually mean ‘No’.

🦋 This talk is for every woman who feels she has been playing ‘small’ or is exhausted from trying to keep her game face on.

🦋 There is a path to freedom. Freedom to be your authentic, vulnerable and messy self plus your bright, shiny self – all together making up you!

In Michelle’s usual direct and forthright style, she will share practical strategies for embracing the shift from maiden to maturity.

The live class will include Question & Answer time.

Date: Wednesday 26 August 2020

Time:  7.30pm – 8.30pm (AEST)* 

Venue: Online via Zoom (link provided with your ticket)

Tickets: AUD $16

*To find a time in your area go here.

Stand Your Sacred Ground
Online Event

Tuesday 8 September 2020

In this Live Masterclass, Michelle will show you how to get your Inner Health Warrior on board.

When you are navigating chronic illness you are going to need all the grit and tenacity you can muster.

All while feeling very vulnerable and at times emotionally overwhelmed, as well as fatigued.

One of the ways you can help yourself is by building your own Inner Health Warrior. Why?

When you need to prioritise self-care, you need to set relationship boundaries.

When you are receiving medical advice around your own life and mortality, you need to have discernment about what treatments, which clinicians and what approach you want to take.

When negotiating with your employer or insurance companies, you need to be able to stand your ground about what you real capacity is, reducing workloads or if and when you will return to work.

In all of these spaces, when you feel grounded in your own centred power. 

As much as family and friends help, there will always be times when you need to stand your sacred ground.


In Michelle’s usual direct and forthright style, she will share practical strategies for living in the spiritual alchemy of serious illness.

The live class will include Question & Answer time.

Date: Tuesday 8 September 2020

Time:  7pm – 8.30pm (AEST)* 

Venue: Online via Zoom (link provided with your ticket)

Tickets: AUD $16

Contact: Michelle Irving (0433 336 074) 

*To find a time in your area go here.

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About Michelle

Michelle Irving is best known for guiding women into the Sacred Power of Illness.

Michelle gets it. While bed-bound twice in the past decade, she mastered the practical demands of work, insurance, medical appointments and relationship dynamics. She also immersed herself in mythology, mysticism and embodiment teachings. She emerged with an understanding of the deeply spiritual dimension of serious illness. 

She now mentors women around the world, teaching them to harness the Sacred Power of Illness. She keeps it real. In her forthright style, she provides practical relationship and self-care strategies for the whole illness journey from diagnosis to survivorship.

Michelle is driven by a mission to de-shame and transform conversations around illness. She has created a methodology for women to claim the precious power that lies at the heart of any underworld journey, knowing it calls them into deep feminine wisdom and maturity.

Her work is underpinned by extensive professional development in the emerging survivorship care sector. She has completed training with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre and The University of Melbourne Primary Practitioner Survivorship Training. 

What Women Say



Private Sessions

I’m now beginning to understand what it means and what it feels like to be a woman who understands what is the right thing for herself and to follow that truth.

Michelle’s sessions have given me new energy, a much clearer perspective and I feel excited about the new paths that are opening before me.



Private sessions

Michelle helped me get to the heart of how my working schedule impacts on my relationships. 

She helped me find my own very practical strategies for managing the transition between my competent career woman into my softer feminine within my romantic relationship. It has made a big difference in my relationship.



Breast Cancer Survivor

In a way, you build a cocoon of protection to survive, and you can’t let go of that until you are ready.

What Michelle was able to do was unfold that gently and it needs to be unfolded gently because it’s deep.




I started to feel a lot better physically and then I began to feel extremely emotionally vulnerable.

Michelle really understood the process I was going through. She helped me understand what I was feeling was normal.  And that gave me the confidence to get on with the next steps