Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness

Transform Your Relationship with Illness
Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness is a 6 week digital program designed to radically transform your emotional experience of illness so you
  • Shed any shame you feel about being unwell,
  • Stand in your authentic power with Badass Boundaries, and
  • Flourish in ways that work for you and your body.
We start Monday 15 February 2021

The PJ Interviews
Coming March 2021

Flourishing while living with chronic illness
Over 10 days you will have front row seats to intimate interviews with women living with chronic illness AND who have a positive relationship with themselves.
We do not apologise for being unwell.
Join Us for:
  • How to create meaningful work that works for you and your body.
  • What happens inside a marriage while living with chronic illness. And how it can be the catalyst for powerful love and change.
  • Style and beauty: how chronic illness reshapes your identity and how clothes can support you.
22 March 2021

Persephone's Circle

Join our beautiful, supportive private free Facebook Group with a community of women who want a positive, empowered relationship with themselves while living  with or recovering from serious illness. 

Immerse every month in our LIVE group masterclasses with Michelle where you can get all the answers to your questions!

Our community is full of very real women, who continue to navigate the extreme demands of serious illness, who turn up every day to courageously face diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. We do not apologise for feeling unwell.

You can join our free Facebook Group and be in the first to know about courses, resources and invitations to special events.

Private Sessions

In our Private Session we work specifically with creating the relationships, meaningful work and life that works for you and your body

You’ll be able to share what is important to you, what you want or  where you may feel stuck. All of you is welcome.

You’ll leave our sessions deeply clear on your next steps and practical strategies to experience more vibrancy and power in your life right now.

All sessions are for 90 minutes and conducted online so you can connect from the comfort of your own home.  

Finding Feminine Maturity

Finding Feminine Maturity is an 8 week digital program designed for you to:

 Let go of habitual patterns, 

Transform all your relationships and 

∞ Stand in your authentic, mature power. 

Join us for 8 live group masterclasses, daily journaling and practical exercises with a circle of like-minded women who want the freedom of maturity. 

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About Michelle

Michelle Irving is best known for guiding women into their Freedom while living with chronic illness.

Michelle gets it. While bed-bound twice in the past decade, she mastered the practical demands of work, insurance, medical appointments and relationship dynamics. She also immersed herself in mythology, mysticism and embodiment teachings. She emerged with an understanding of the deeply spiritual dimension of serious illness. 

She now mentors women around the world, teaching them to harness their emotional wisdom and  Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness. She keeps it real. In her forthright style, she provides practical relationship and self-care strategies for the whole illness journey from diagnosis to survivorship.

Michelle is driven by a mission to de-shame and transform conversations around illness. She has created a methodology for women to claim the precious power that lies at the heart of any underworld journey, knowing it calls them into their emotional maturity and sovereignty.

Her work is underpinned by extensive professional development in the emerging survivorship care sector. She has completed training with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre and The University of Melbourne Primary Practitioner Survivorship Training. 

What Women Say



Private Sessions

I’m now beginning to understand what it means and what it feels like to be a woman who understands what is the right thing for herself and to follow that truth.

Michelle’s sessions have given me new energy, a much clearer perspective and I feel excited about the new paths that are opening before me.



Private sessions

Michelle helped me get to the heart of how my working schedule impacts on my relationships. 

She helped me find my own very practical strategies for managing the transition between my competent career woman into my softer feminine within my romantic relationship. It has made a big difference in my relationship.



Breast Cancer Survivor

In a way, you build a cocoon of protection to survive, and you can’t let go of that until you are ready.

What Michelle was able to do was unfold that gently and it needs to be unfolded gently because it’s deep.




I started to feel a lot better physically and then I began to feel extremely emotionally vulnerable.

Michelle really understood the process I was going through. She helped me understand what I was feeling was normal.  And that gave me the confidence to get on with the next steps