Finding Feminine Maturity
Online Course

Starts 15 June 2020

In this brand new online course, you will learn how to live with the freedom of Feminine Maturity.

🦋 Your inner mature adult has tremendous wisdom and guidance for your life.

🦋 She knows what she needs.

🦋 She asks for what she wants. And she is OK with other people’s discomfort .or disapproval

🦋 Life becomes a lot less stressful when you are no longer ‘hiding out’ or using old coping mechanisms to manage your relationships and indeed your life.

In Michelle’s usual direct and forthright style will share practical strategies to keep your balance in all your relationships.

Dates: This course will be delivered over 5 weeks, starting Monday 15th June 2020.

Coaching & Workshops

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Authentic Relationship Coaching

We all want meaningful relationships; we want to feel connected, loved and safe. 

Authentic Relationship Coaching helps you connect back to yourself and what you need in relationships. 

Sessions focus on practical strategies that work for you in real life.

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Wellness & Survivorship Coaching

When you are being treated for serious illness, your whole life revolves around doctors, tests, treatments and side effects. Everyone, even strangers can treat you as a patient in crisis.

Wellness and Survivorship Coaching helps you regain your emotional confidence after serious illness, reclaim your autonomy, reset your relationships and intimacy and prioritise self care at work.

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For Health Professionals

The Transition to Wellness program for health services addresses unmet client needs in the survivorship and chronic illness landscape.

The program helps women regain their emotional confidence after active treatment. 

The program focuses on practical strategies that help clients transition to their new ‘normal’ and managing life for themselves again.

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About Michelle

Michelle is a highly experienced Authentic Relationship Coach and Wellness Coach (with a speciality in Survivorship Coaching). 

As a Relationship Coach, she is comprehensively trained in group facilitation,  authentic connection and communication, intimacy and relationship coaching,  and embodiment practices. 

As a Health and Survivorship Coach, Michelle’s core focus is helping women to regain their emotional confidence after serious illness. Her work is underpinned by extensive professional development in the newly emerging survivorship care sector.  She has completed training with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre and The University of Melbourne Primary Practitioner Survivorship Training . Her work is also informed by her own personal journey with a life-threatening autoimmune condition. 

Michelle has an extensive career in government, not-for-profit and the corporate sectors focussed on women’s health policy and health service delivery. Her academic background is in Women’s Studies and Philosophy.

What Women Say



Private Sessions

I’m now beginning to understand what it means and what it feels like to be a woman who understands what is the right thing for herself and to follow that truth.

Michelle’s sessions have given me new energy, a much clearer perspective and I feel excited about the new paths that are opening before me.



Private sessions

Michelle helped me get to the heart of how my working schedule impacts on my relationships. 

She helped me find my own very practical strategies for managing the transition between my competent career woman into my softer feminine within my romantic relationship. It has made a big difference in my relationship.



Breast Cancer Survivor

In a way, you build a cocoon of protection to survive, and you can’t let go of that until you are ready.

What Michelle was able to do was unfold that gently and it needs to be unfolded gently because it’s deep.




I started to feel a lot better physically and then I began to feel extremely emotionally vulnerable.

Michelle really understood the process I was going through. She helped me understand what I was feeling was normal.  And that gave me the confidence to get on with the next steps