Michelle Irving

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Dating and Relating 101

You know how to load the app but dating feels fraught. 

You are in relationship but wish you could be more ‘adult’ sometimes. 

Are you trying to be a ‘good partner’ and feeling you lose connection to yourself?

Time for reset and get back to basics.

Through this practical half-day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Connect back to yourself and what you want and need in relationships.
  • Transition from your confident career side to your beautiful, confident feminine side before going on date night.
  • Communicate from your mature feminine adult in the middle of difficult relationship conversations.



What Women Say



Authentic Relationships Workshop

Michelle creates a safe environment for people to authentically share their thoughts and feelings and facilitates the discussion with great empathy.

The workshops always seem to resonate with the areas that I’m working through in my life. I highly recommend checking out Michelle’s events and seeing what positive changes they can bring about in your life.



Authentic Relationships Workshop

Working with Michelle has really helped me connect to my femininity. 

I grew up in a male dominated house, and have worked in male dominated industries. I don’t really think I understood what it meant to be a woman and honour myself. I have learned how to nurture myself in completely different ways.

Her workshops are very supportive; a group of women coming together with honesty and truth. Michelle is there to guide us through the whole process which has been incredibly beneficial for me.