Authentic Relationships Videos

Authentic Relationships

Don't be too needy and other useless advice

Women have been taught – don’t be too needy, too difficult, too messy. Michelle talks about we shrink down in our relationships and what healthy relationships look like.

Finding your voice in loving relationships

 Michelle talks about how to find your voice in loving relationships.

Love is not a mystery to be solved

We often think we have to find love, that it is some great detective mystery we have to solve. Michelle talks about how we lose connection to ourselves, our gifts and our beauty.

Love with Courage and Confidence

Michelle talks about how your courage and compassion with yourself, is paradoxically the gateway to your confidence. 

The Queen Archetype:
True Maturity

Michelle talks about how to stop running yourself down or becoming over-involved in other people’s emotional issues.

The Warrior Archetype:
Healthy Boundaries

Michelle talks about how the Warrior Archetype is not about armouring up but rather discerning who you trust and share your vulnerability with.