Authenticity At Work

Authentic Professional Relationships

When navigating their careers, women want to have the confidence, capacity and skills to embrace meaningful and fulfilling work.

Women leaders require a sophisticated set of interpersonal skills, a deep understanding of their personal default power positions, the ability to harness their natural leadership style and the ability to be comfortable in the ‘hot seat’.

To do this, they need to build authentic communication skills, healthy professional relationships, and confidence in their expertise and capacity to take calculated risks.


Authenticity at work Program

The Authenticity at Work Program will train you to:

  1. Speak up and own your professional expertise. 
  2. Develop healthy professional boundaries and appropriately prioritise your own contribution and workload deliverables. You are going to be more effective and actually more respected when you are consistent and people know they can trust your directness.
  3. Effectively communicate your ideas, especially when you feel discomfort about other people’s judgements or criticism.
  4. Understand why and when you experience anxiety with your workload or feel discouraged about your career prospects.
  5. Understand your unique contribution to team and organisational culture, and know how to take effective action and contribute.
  6. Develop professional courage, so you can embrace positive career risk-taking and establish your reputation as a trusted, authentic leader who delivers high-performance results.


Program Details

The Authenticity at Work Program for Women is conducted in a series of private, one-on-one coaching sessions. The program comprises:

  • Individual coaching session for 2 hours (fortnightly for 8 weeks).
  • Follow up coaching: Monthly 1.5 hours sessions for 3 months.

The total amount of one-on-one coaching is 12.5 hours.

Week 1. Authentic Communication Skills.

Week 2. Authentic Connection: Developing healthy professional relationships.

Week 3. Courage in the Hot Seat: Stepping into new power paradigms.

Week 4. Authentic Leadership.

Program Fees

Authenticity at Work Program for Women: $2,900 per person.

Additional support is available at $450 per 1.5 hour mentoring session.

The program can be extended with a 6 month or 12 month mentoring package. Further details provided on request.

 Want More Details?  

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