Podcast: Queen of the Underworld. Life, Love & Bedrest

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Podcast: Building Authentic Relationships at Work

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 Rebranding Safety Host James interviews Michelle about building authentic relationships at work, feminine maturity and being able to stand in your own power. Plus navigating those awkward conversations when you are working from home.  

We also cover trust, visibility, masculinity and relationship wellbeing.

Podcast: Career change from Government to Survivorship Coach

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In this podcast host Shandra Moran of the Transit Lounge talks with guest Michelle about how her rare autoimmune condition influenced her career change. Here is how she moved from 20 year career working across Government, including health policy into her soul’s work.

Michelle is  a Survivorship Coach – one of the first in Australia – working with women with significant health conditions to support them in managing their condition beyond hospital care, as well as how to effectively communicate with others in their life. 

Podcast: Lessons Learned Through My Conversations With Death

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It was great to speak with podcast host Kimberly Hambrick about what it feels like to have a life-threatening illness and what I have learned in dialogue with death.

We talk about the Emotional Map that people experience when confronting life-threatening illness. Plus ‘What to say’ and ‘What not to say’ to a loved one going through this type of experience.

This is for anyone going through such an illness or have a loved one that is.

Podcast: No End in Sight with Autoimmune Illness

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I have been bed-bound twice with very serious illnesses in the last decade.  In this No End in Sight interview with USA host Brianne Benness I share about my spiritual and emotional experience of illness, my focus on self-compassion, and how I used Greek mythology to build a map that makes sense of the chronic illness cycle. 

Podcast: Authentic Relationships

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Is your inner child or inner teenager running your dating and relating? 

In this Conscious Conversations podcast with host Kasia Kowalewski Michelle talks all things Dating and Relating 101. Plus the difference between having expectations of friends, partners and work colleagues and how making agreements which lead to a much more positive outcome for everyone.