Michelle Irving

About Michelle

My core focus is helping women regain their emotional confidence after serious illness. I help you transition from seeing yourself as a ‘patient in crisis’ into an equal partner in your relationships, and being able to manage your self-care while you return to work. 

I am comprehensively trained in authentic connection and communication, intimacy and relationship coaching, embodiment practices and group facilitation.  I have also completed professional training with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre.

Most importantly, my work is informed by my my lived experience of recovery and practical needs in managing chronic illness.

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune condition which requires life-long treatment. Five years ago, I experienced a completely unrelated vertigo condition, which also requires ongoing medical treatment.

I have bed-bound twice since 2012, both times required extensive family and friends support. Each time I have physically recovered and successfully been able to make my way back into the world including returning to work.

I understand the depth of the emotional journey serious illness requires