Finding Feminine Maturity

Finding Feminine Maturity is an 8 week digital program designed for you to let go of habitual patterns, transform all your relationships and stand in your authentic, mature power. 

Join us for 8 live group masterclasses, daily journaling and practical exercises with a circle of other women who want the freedom of maturity.  We will explore the hidden dynamics in our relationships that keep us playing small, or feeling like we need to control everything. We’ll be guided by the archetypal power of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld as we make the transition into our full, mature, feminine power.

What is Feminine Maturity?

In the past my relationships patterns were often run by the emotional reactivity of my inner child and inner teenager. I wanted to be more grounded, authentically confident and feel energised in the worldThis is what I call Feminine Maturity. 

It’s a daily practice of getting super clear how I want to communicate and what I actually want to say to others. I don’t need to apologise for being on the planet.

Do I always get it right? No, of course not. But every time I authentically express myself, shine brightly and confidently say ‘No’ and vibrantly say ‘Yes’, I know I am headed in direction.

What would Feminine Maturity look and feel like for you? Where do you want to grow? I can help you with the how.

Imagine this!

What's Inside?

Amazing Digital Program

Finding Feminine Maturity

Finding Feminine Maturity is an 8 week digital program designed to show you how to let go of habitual patterns, transform all your relationships and stand in your authentic, mature power.

Journal Workbook

Download your comprehensive 40 page Journal Workbook. Change happens here. You'll have access to life-changing journal prompts and self-care exercises that heal.

Audio Immersions

Amazing, deep meditations for healing, intuitive revelations and guided self-connection. You will receive your Feminine Maturity meditations to keep forever.

Life-changing Live

8 weeks of live, Interactive Group Masterclasses with Q & A, guidance, coaching and transformational conversations about all things feminine maturity!

4 Transformative Rituals

You will receive guided audios and ritual instructions for you to completely let go of what is no longer serving you, call back your energy into your own heart, connect with your deepest longings and transition into the new.

Feminine Maturity Practices

Daily inner work to help you profoundly transform your beliefs and experiences in your relationships, career and what is now possible for you.

Incredible Community & Beautiful Friends

You will have access to a super-engaged, supportive community of like-minded, gorgeous women. Join these fabulous women in their desire to stand fully in their vibrant Feminine Maturity.

The Modules

Hello dear one,

I’m Michelle.

In the past I was constantly trying to get ‘together’ enough to actually be open and authentic in my relationships. I was good at looking like I had it together, but inside I was super anxious and constantly feeling overwhelmed by other people’s emotional needs. I did a whole lot of therapy, which helped a bit, but in the end I constantly felt like I was just going over the same trauma and pain spots again and again. It didn’t really give me the confidence I knew I could have been feeling. 

Then I had a diagnosis of a life-threatening autoimmune condition, and I could no longer run my life through emotional overwhelm. I realised I had to mature; my inner child and inner teenager could no longer be making my dating and relating, finances and career decisions. 

I discovered there were 6 key powers that could help me in any situation. The more I practiced, the easier it got.

Now I have no problem setting a boundary and totally trusting myself to know when to let love in and when to draw the line. 

Through my journey of finding and embracing my own Feminine Maturity, I have been able to create a signature process that helps women completely release their unconscious limits and old relationships stories in a way that accelerates their emotional confidence and revolutionises their lives!

I am an expert in helping women take care of themselves and access their intuition.

I am professionally trained in philosophy, embodiment therapy, and before this work had an extensive career in women’s and health services.

I live a life of simplicity with my gorgeous partner Cliff in the hip town of Melbourne, Australia. I also understand the art of the afternoon nap. 

Sharing the Love

Gina Solo 2


Before working with Michelle, I looked mostly to men as my role models and guides for a flourishing life.

I wanted to explore a new vocation, and feel confident in myself and what I bring to the world as a woman.

Through Finding Feminine Maturity I accessed a new level of trust in my own dreams and desires and my power to make them happen. I surprised myself by making several big decisions, setting clearer boundaries in relationships and having difficult conversations with more confidence and ease.

I would recommend this course if you are a woman who is feeling stuck in any way.

Whether you want to live better, love better, find your purpose or figure out what comes next, you will find the nurture and support you need within Michelle’s circle of wisdom.

The biggest impact Finding Feminine Maturity has had on me is that I feel more in touch with my inner teenager, and this helped me to begin to heal the emotional hurts and hang ups that I accumulated during that time in my life.

During the program I experienced a sense of safety in sharing deep connection with other women's experiences, and I felt seen and heard in my own process.

What I loved was that the transformation process felt accessible because the content was profound, but also simply and clearly communicated.

I would recommend this course if you want to go a layer deeper in your self awareness, explore your relational dynamics and to experience more intimacy with self and others.

I’m leaving this program with a stronger sense of my feminine power, which feels soft and expansive.


Judy 3


Finding Feminine Maturity can support you to grow by showing you how to fully develop from a maiden into a mature human. It's a lifelong, sacred journey that needs wisdom and support; it’s not often heard or spoken of with such intimacy and skill. I think many of us on our road to maturity have been so squashed, clipped and caged we have lost our connection to our full power and beauty.

Through doing this course with Michelle I felt more access to my own maturity. I know this because

l finally felt able to stand up for myself in ways that I haven’t been able to before.

I have more clarity around who I am; what I want to devote my time and energy to; how to meet and care for my own needs, and when to ask others for support.

Michelle has extensive knowledge, experience, skills and understanding around creating a safe container for women, as well as holding space, creating personally meaningful rituals, and honouring our Sacred No and Yes, and growing into our fully glorious maturity. 

Michelle is joyful and gentle. She is a very astute listener with a lot of skills in her arsenal. I can’t recommend her work and her Finding Feminine Maturity Course highly enough!

The A's to your Q's

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, absolutely! I have worked with the 6 Power Gates over and over in my life, and these are the essential tools for Feminine Maturity.

There is a final, practical result if you put in the work.

Every immersive audio healing, every journal prompt, ritual, practical exercise and suggestion has been carefully created and curated for your ultimate connection with yourself.

My clients’ successes are real women who have purchased the program, done the work, shown up and taken action, implemented and transformed their relationships, work dynamics and creative passion. However, I cannot know what you will choose to do with this information, and therefore I cannot guarantee you a specific result or outcome. Most importantly, I do not provide specific mental health or therapeutic counselling.

I have represented to the best of my ability what this program covers in its entirety. The program is an instrumental tool that can help you change your relationship and life results. 

Finding Feminine Maturity is created out of what I personally found worked for me, and I continue to use this process for myself on a daily basis. I have a daily journal practice, a weekly ritual and all the messy, real world relationship conversations using the feminine maturity relationship practices. I teach it in a super easy, fun way for you to be able to digest it, implement it, love it and flourish with it. I want you to get it on a deep level and feel inspired to use all the tools as you need them in your daily life.

Finding Feminine Maturity is designed to work in your own time, aligned to your own schedule. Ideally, if you dedicate 2-4 hours each week to engage in and work through the course material and attend our weekly Live Masterclass then you will reap the rewards of deep transformation. If you miss a live call you can watch it later when it is convenient for you.

Each week is full of journal prompts and guided audio healings to really help you find your Feminine Maturity.

You literally can log in anywhere you have a phone or computer and internet access, and take the time you need when it fits into your life. And you can come back to each module and learning at any time. 

Yes, absolutely! This program is designed so you can integrate all the parts of yourself.  All the work you have been doing over the last few months and even years will come together in this course and enable you to make practical, lasting change.

This course will enable you to look at the patterns and behaviours that you know need attention, and create lasting, powerful change forever.

Each week you will have the opportunity to bring your true power into your everyday practical life. 

The journal exercises will enable you to safely look at your own patterns of behaviour and truly grow. The immersive healing audio and transformative rituals will support you to make real change in your everyday life and your most important relationships, including with yourself.

All the while you will see the reflection and experience of other women, who just like you have inherited unhelpful, unconscious beliefs about what a woman needs to be.

You will experience the liberation and freedom of being able to ask for what you need, say what you want and truly stand in your authentic, feminine maturity.

I suggest that you clear the slate and let go of any self-judgment that you may have about ‘non-completion’ of courses, as this shouldn’t affect how you show up to this Program.

For whatever reasons it may not have worked for you in the past. You were probably at a different space and place. Check in with yourself about your intentions for joining us in this Program now.

You really need to be prepared to show up and do the work. You can learn, understand, and process. But at some point you will also have to take practical, loving action.

I can support you, and share with you everything that I know, and that has worked for me. When I don’t have the answers, I can help you find the answers. I can help you come to a place where you remember that you have all the power within you to truly stand your sacred ground. You’ll know if it’s the right next step for you, and whether I am the right Mentor for you too. You’ll feel it. xo

The course runs through Zoom and Facebook, which are both free. You can use your own accounts to access all the material and participate in the beautiful, private Facebook group.

If you don’t have one, you can easily set up a Zoom account and Facebook account, which are both free.

You literally can log in anywhere that you have a phone, tablet or computer and internet access. 

You will participate in the weekly Live Masterclasses in Zoom, and receive all the weekly materials in a beautiful, private Facebook group with other gorgeous women just like you.

Yes, of course! Honour where you are at, and honour how you feel. Embarking on a new adventure can be nerve-wracking, especially when you are stepping out of your comfort zone. You can show up exactly how you are, all of you is welcome. We prefer you to be real and raw with what is coming up for you. When you show up that way,  transformation and breakthroughs can truly occur!

There are no refunds for change of mind, unless deemed an extraordinary circumstance.

Each week for 8 weeks, each module will be available for you in Facebook and you’re learning as we go. We try to avoid overwhelming you, and encourage a beautiful layering of learning in a step by step process to help you deepen into each week’s work for reflection and integration. We also have a live group call scheduled every week for questions, group coaching and some connection time together. We love to go slow & deep when it comes to each Module.

As much or as little as you want. I highly encourage you to fully show up deeply in order to really get the most out of your journey. We believe wholeheartedly that when you are supported in your community, that you truly thrive. The connections that you make can be with like-minded women on the same path as you, and well as the opportunity to develop beautiful friendships! We love the power of women’s groups, and highly encourage leaning into the modules, expressing your feelings, experiences and new awarenesses, and nurturing your new friendships.

Yes! We will respect you, your privacy and all the information you share with us. We uphold our Privacy Policy and take it seriously. That includes anything from your personal info to anything that may arise for you and be shared during the Program. We have a sacred, confidential container that is monitored and kept very tight. We believe in protecting our ideas and shared personal process, as we know this is often a big aspect of safety and success. If you choose to share a testimonial with us after completing the program, it is only published with your prior consent.