TW Online Course Outline

Regain Your Emotional Confidence

You are invited to participate in this brand new online course where you can: 

> Re-discover your emotional confidence.

> Reclaim your autonomy and trust yourself to decide what you want.

> Reset your relationship dynamics.

You will be part of an intimate group of women who are recovering from serious illness and/or managing chronic illness.

What you Get

  • Four weeks of daily inner work & reprioritising yourself, your wellness, your energy, your heart. Which leads to a more connected, happy and centred you.
  • Four LIVE Weekly Group Masterclasses with conversations about all things transitioning!
  • A fantastic Transition to Wellness process and workbook to dive deep into! The Emotional Recovery Map is just one example of the processes we will explore.
  • 4 beautiful meditations to help you stay centred, empowered and open for you to keep FOREVER.
  • A beautiful, engaged, community of other like-minded women at a similar place in their desire to regain their confidence, set healthy emotional boundaries, manage their energy and do what makes them feel good.
  • My support and guidance for recovering your power!

The Details

This online course is designed so you can participate from the comfort of your own home (or even bed).

This pilot course will be delivered over 4 weeks, starting on Monday 16 March 2020.


  • Week 1: Your Wellness Now
  • Week 2: Regaining Emotional Confidence
  • Week 3: Reclaiming Your Voice
  • Week 4: Navigating the New



Time:  Live Weekly Group Masterclasses will be held via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7.30pm Melbourne time. You can watch these on replay if you miss the live call.

Contact: Michelle Irving (0433 336 074)

This work will not only support you, your feedback will also contribute to supporting women around the world to access this work when we launch the public course in August 2020.

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