Authentic Relationships

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What are Authentic Relationships?

We all want meaningful relationships; we want to feel connected, loved and safe. And yet, we often find that the relationships we choose, and our own defence patterns, create resentment, stagnation and feelings of emotional overwhelm.

In an authentic relationship you share who you are; you tell the truth about what you feel, need and want. And you open to hearing the truth about what the other person feels, wants and needs. Often we can find ourselves hiding, performing and telling white lies (or bigger whoppers) in our relationships. We swallow what we really want to say. We say ‘Yes’ when we mean ‘No’. In authentic relationships we have the courage and trust in ourselves to say ‘No’ to what does not work or feel good.

Private Coaching

Private Sessions are specifically tailored to where you are at, especially where you are at  emotionally in your professional and personal relationships. 

Our focus is on developing practical strategies that work in your real life.

  • Learn how to trust yourself even when you feel shaky.
  • Improve your authentic relationship skills.
  • Develop the confidence to ask for what you really want.

Private Sessions are available in South Yarra, Melbourne. Interstate and International Private Sessions are held over Skype.

All sessions are for 90 mins.

Fee: $245

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About Michelle

Michelle is a a highly experienced facilitator, mediation teacher and compassionate therapeutic guide for women who want to love with courage and confidence.

She is  is comprehensively trained in authentic connection, intimacy and relationship coaching, embodiment therapy and tantric practices.

She is a regular guest on Relationship and Intimacy Podcasts and writes for a variety of magazines including Living Now Magazine.