Survivorship Coaching

What is Survivorship?

Survivorship commonly focuses on your health and life as you return back to ‘normal’ after serious illness.

When you are being treated for serious illness, your whole life revolves around doctors, tests, treatments and side effects. Along the way you lose connection to your body as it is poked, prodded, tested and operated on. Everyone, even strangers can treat you as a patient in crisis.

When you finally get the all clear, your medical team says ‘Great! See you in six months’ and that is it.

But a lot has changed for you. There are emotional, physical, and social challenges as you transition back to wellness.

This is where Survivorship Coaching can really help you navigate changes in your own sense of wellbeing, re-setting your relationship dynamics and managing your to work arrangements.

October Wellness workshop

Reclaim your Voice

When you have been very unwell, and managing treatment you don’t have a lot of capacity to manage all your relationships as well. 

As you start to feel physically better you realise you have lost your voice and sense of power in many areas of your life.

This workshop is about how to get back to you:

How to say what you want, not just what you need.

Transition from ‘patient’ in your relationships to equal partner.

Stop apologising for how you feel and re-establish your confidence.

In this highly personalised format, you will have the opportunity to learn directly from Michelle’s experience as well as personal practices to take home. 

Maximum  8 participants.

Date: Saturday 26 October 2019 

Time: 9.30am – 1pm 

Tickets: $125 (morning tea included)

November Wellness workshop

Self Care and Return to Work

As you physically recover from intensive treatment, you start to manage either returning to work, or increasing your capacity to work.

This workshop is all managing work while you are recovering from serious illness and/or managing chronic illness. You will gain practical strategies for:

  • Prioritising self-care while returning to work
  • Authentic communication skills (managing workplace expectations including the impact of fatigue)
  • Next steps for what you want to do 

In this highly personalised format, you will have the opportunity to learn from Michelle’s direct experience as well as personal practices to take home. 

Date: Saturday 30 November 2019

Time: 9:30am – 1pm

Tickets: $125 (includes morning tea)

Maximum  8 participants

Practical Support

Private Coaching

Let’s face it, there are lot of private and personal challenges in your transition back to wellness.

It can feel like you have been on a journey to the mythical underworld and daylight is only just reaching you. 

What you need now is some very practical tools to navigate the transitions you are facing. You are no longer a full-time patient. Now you are a person in recovery, remission and/ or managing chronic illness.

These private sessions are specifically tailored to where you are at, especially emotionally.  You will learn practical tools for:

  •  healthy relationship boundaries
  • how to  free up your emotional energy while still ensuring you have top notch self care practices
  • how to navigate work and family commitments while you may still be experiencing fatigue. 

These skills will give you more confidence in all areas of your life.


Private Survivorship Sessions are held in my consulting rooms in South Yarra.

All sessions are for 90 minutes

Fee: $245

Contact:  Michelle Irving 0433 336 074

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About Me

My core focus is helping women regain their emotional confidence after serious illness. I help you transition from seeing yourself as a ‘patient in crisis’ into an equal partner in your relationships, and being able to manage your self-care while you return to work. 

I am comprehensively trained in authentic connection and communication, intimacy and relationship coaching, embodiment practices and group facilitation.  I have also completed professional training with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre.

Most importantly, my work is informed by my my lived experience of recovery and practical needs in managing chronic illness.

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune condition which requires life-long treatment. Five years ago, I experienced a completely unrelated vertigo condition, which also requires ongoing medical treatment.

I have bed-bound twice since 2012, both times required extensive family and friends support. Each time I have physically recovered and successfully been able to make my way back into the world including returning to work.

I understand the depth of the emotional journey serious illness requires


What women say



Breast Cancer Survivor

In a way, you build a cocoon of protection to survive, and you can’t let go of that until you are ready.

What Michelle was able to do was unfold that gently and it needs to be unfolded gently because it’s deep.




I started to feel a lot better physically and then I began to feel extremely emotionally vulnerable.

Michelle really understood the process I was going through. She helped me understand what I was feeling was normal.  And that gave me the confidence to get on with the next steps



Chronic Migraines

I have been a long term sufferer of migraines. After working with Michelle in one session, I noticed a lot of the tension I had become use to for over 20 years actually had a cause that could be understood.

She was able to point me to my own bodily responses to thinking and talking about certain things. She got hold of some very important things and it really helped me release the long term tension.



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