The Power of Permission

Artwork by Christian Schloe

No matter how our lives look on the outside, what our career path is, whom we have intimacy with, where we live or what we do, we are all longing for healthy relationships. Firstly with ourselves, and then with others. And frankly, we want to cut the crap and get on with being happy. We’d also like to do all of this by dinner time if possible.

What is it?

What is amazing is that when women come together with a focus on feminine maturity – a whole lot of behaviours like people-pleasing, hiding our shiny selves and apologising for what we want or need get ditched pretty quick! When you have permission to actually show up authentically, messy and magnificent – then a lot can be done by dinner time:)

And this is the key: Permission.

Who decides?

What you have been taught about yourself is probably what someone else needed you to be or do so they can be comfortable. Just think about that.

🦋 Why can’t you do something? (Apart from breaking curfew in Melbourne:)
🦋 Who told you ‘No’ (explicitly or implicitly)?
🦋 Who would be uncomfortable?

And then ask yourself: 
🦋 If I had permission, what would I do? In this relationship, in this job, with my creativity and with my day?

I appreciate that this can feel a little tricky in ‘lockdown’ but actually this is a perfect time to give yourself permission to be you.

How do I do it? 

Grab a journal, a cup of tea or a late night snack and complete the following:

🦋 The next 6 months for me are about…
🦋 What beliefs do I need to set up in order to support my goal or dream? 
🦋 What do I need to give myself permission to do? 
🦋 Start taking action, one small step is fine. Feel uncomfortable? Good, you are heading in the right direction. Keep going!