Why Feminine Maturity is a Step into Your Vibrancy!

Feminine Maturity is not about your age. It’s about how you stand in your own Power. yThis is about your string connection to yourself, in a way that you are grounded so you don’t ‘rock and roll’ with everyone else’s opinions about what you ‘should’ be doing, saying and choosing.

How your complaints are the doorway to the New!

Our complaints often paper over our desires and unmet needs. When you access and express what you actually want, your move on from complaining. This is the beauty of Feminine Maturity. 

Do you "Puff Up" or "Shrink"?

Here’s how to get centred in the face of other people’s emotional reactivity. 

The Power of Voice - it's time to Speak UP!

It’s time to Speak UP from your own truth and share your wisdom. Here’s the first few steps. This is the beauty of Feminine Maturity. 

The Power of Sacred Yes!

Your Sacred Yes is your intuitive guidance system for what is right for you. There are some super simple tips for finding your authentic Yes!

How to stay centred in COVID-19

Staying centred and grounded right now is not just a good idea, it is essential for our mental well-being.  Here is a simple morning practice for self-care and staying open in your heart during these uncertain times. 

Chronic illness prepared me for COVID-19

Michelle talks about how having  a chronic illness means you can actually show leadership in your families, with your friends and with your colleagues at this time.

Regaining Emotional Confidence

Illness can strip you down. As you recover a lot has changed. You have changed. And there are some parts of your life, you don’t want to pick up again. What next?

The Power of Illness

Chronic Illness is often talked about as a disempowering experience. However, the courage and wisdom that comes with the experience means we also  have a lot to offer this world.

Finding your Inner Health Warrior

When you are experiencing serious illness there can be a lot of talk about ‘fighting an illness’. Sometimes this helpful, sometimes it is fatiguing. In this video Michelle talks about finding your inner Health Warrior.

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How Men Gain Trust

In this interview Jared Osborne shares what he has learned about how men gain trust, especially in relationships.

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Beyond the Nice Guy

In this interview Jared Osborne shares how men can move beyond the ‘nice guy’ role into more authentic connections with women. And why this can make women feel more connected to you.

What Do Healthy Relationships Feel Like?

Michelle and Gyanamala discuss why healthy, romantic relationships must include wanting the best for each other. Plus how to be in relationship with your own feelings, aside from your partner’s feelings.

Love, Trust and Conflict

Gyanamala explains why romantic relationships contain both love and conflict. Plus the role of ‘projection’ in our lives. 

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About Michelle

My core focus is helping women regain their emotional confidence after serious illness. I help you transition from seeing yourself as a ‘patient in crisis’ into an equal partner in your relationships, and being able to manage your self-care while you return to work. 

I am comprehensively trained in authentic connection and communication, intimacy and relationship coaching, embodiment practices and group facilitation.  I have also completed professional training with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre.

Most importantly, my work is informed by my my lived experience of recovery and practical needs in managing chronic illness.

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune condition which requires life-long treatment. Five years ago, I experienced a completely unrelated vertigo condition, which also requires ongoing medical treatment.

I have bed-bound twice since 2012, both times required extensive family and friends support. Each time I have physically recovered and successfully been able to make my way back into the world including returning to work.

I understand the depth of the emotional journey serious illness requires