Work With Me

Finding Feminine Maturity

Finding Feminine Maturity is an 8 week digital program designed for you to:

 Let go of habitual patterns, 

Transform all your relationships and 

∞ Stand in your authentic, mature power. 

Join us for 8 live group masterclasses, daily journaling and practical exercises with a circle of like-minded women who want the freedom of maturity. 

Persephone's Circle

In our private Persephone’s Circle, you can experience all of the support, power and new relationship with yourself and your body you have been seeking.

Each month Michelle hosts a LIVE Group Masterclass designed for you to:

create healthy relationship boundaries

advocate with clinicians for the best treatment that works for you and,

develop powerful self care so you can manage your emotional energy and interactions at work.

Join our beautiful, supportive private free Facebook Group with a community of women who want a positive, empowered relationship with themselves while living with chronic illness.